Update 6th of July: The processing times for EU t shirt orders are back to NORMAL

We have been hit very hard by the pandemic. This is a small brand so we do not have a warehouse dedicated to this brand. All of the orders are fulfilled with one of my partners. They also fulfill orders for many other business as well, and they are really short staffed as a result of the recent restrictions, so many orders have been very delayed.

I have already contacted everyone who has a order which is yet to be fulfilled, but I also wanted to let you guys know should you want to order something now. We still ship out orders, but at a much slower rate than we used to. So keep that in mind.

New processing times:

As of 10th of July: Hoodies and t shirts shipped from USA: 15-20 business days

New shipping times

It is hard for us to give new estimates for shipping time, as the delays are because of rescheduled or canceled flights, which is not decided ahead of time. Some orders arrive without any delays, but we would estimate that it can take 1-2 weeks longer.